Bedbugs were nearly extinct in this country just a few decades ago, but today bedbugs are back in the U.S., and the problem is only getting worse…

These human parasites have evolved to become tougher, stronger and more pesticide-resistant. If you’ve recently awoken with the telltale trails of itchy red bumps you just might be one of the many households that has come under attack. Luckily, at Keller’s Pest Control we have a fantastic alternative for those looking to avoid pumping gallons of poison into their homes to get rid of these pesky critters.

Killing bedbugs with heat is one of the most effective methods on the market today. At Keller’s we are armed with industrial-grade heaters and fans that blast hot air into your home or place of business, getting the temperature inside to around 140 degrees and holding it there for a few hours. A bedbug will die when it reaches a core temperature of about 115 degrees – a temperature that is still safe for most items in your home or business. And while this process is more effective than the most potent pesticides, the heat method won’t leave behind a toxic residue.

Our diesel-powered Hydronic Heat System is the most effective way to bring maximum heat and complete eradication to every bed bug job. Our high BTU system reaches maximum temperatures in infested areas quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Bedbugs die almost instantly when exposed to excessive temperatures. Unlike localized steam or freezing techniques, heat can penetrate an entire structure, including the walls, floors, and ceiling cavities where the bugs often hide.

Heat treatments are ideal for home applications. Because they do not rely on the use of any harmful chemicals, heat treatments are safe in homes even where children, pets, and chemical-sensitive occupants reside. Heat treatments are also very quick, allowing families to safely and confidently return to their homes within hours of the treatment. Traditional pesticide treatments can end up costing twice as much with less effectiveness!

When Heat Remediation is used you don’t have to throw anything away. Beds, Frames and Headboards along with Sofas and other Furnishings that are sometimes discarded when using traditional pesticides can add up to thousands of dollars to replace. Not to mention the failure rate of traditional pesticides means that the entire process must be repeated many times for any hope of success.

Note: If one bedbug or egg is missed during the treatment it is deemed a failure.


Kellers Pest Control Bedbug F.A.Q.

  • Q: Why choose Keller’s Pest Control over another company to perform 
Thermal Remediation to Eradicate your Bed Bugs?

    A: The same reason why you would want a surgeon that has performed Hundreds if not Thousands of procedures to be your Surgeon. Keller’s has successfully Eradicated Bed Bug infestations in over 1000 structures from 500 to 30,000 sq ft in a single visit. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to Bed Bug Heat Treatments.

  • Q: Is the type of heating equipment used important to the client and 
does it make a difference?

    A: Absolutely! Keller’s uses Hydronic Heat. Simply put, a furnace heats food grade Propylene Glycol that is distributed to each of our heating coils strategically placed throughout a structure to provide maximum BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat. This efficiency allows us to treat up to 4000 sq ft in a single cycle. Hydronic Heat also eliminates the risk of fire because there is no open flame, compressed gases or overloaded electrical circuits that are common with Electric and Propane systems.

  • Q: What temperature is needed to Kill Bed Bugs and is it safe for the 
contents of our Home?

    A: While there are many temperatures that if held long enough will kill the bug and egg, Keller’s uses 126 degrees as our Benchmark. At this Temp the Bug and Egg expire immediately. Once this Temp is reached inside of furnishings, mattresses and other contents Keller’s holds this temp for 3 hours. This ensures complete wall and carpet penetration therefore providing a 100% kill rate. The ambient air will be 140 degrees to achieve 126 internal temps. These temperatures are safe for all of your belongings.

  • Q: How do you control your temperatures?

    A: Both our furnace and heaters have thermostats. The Temperatures are monitored using patented wireless probes that continually communicate with our laptop, this allows us to control temps to 1/10th of one degree. We also graph each monitor and this graph is available for the customers records as well as ours. Finally we employ Thermal imaging cameras that give a visual image of any cold spots so the proper adjustments can be made throughout the process. These along with other proprietary methods are what have allowed us to have a 100% success rate for every client we have served.

  • Q: How long does the average treatment take?

    A: The average home or condo will take approximately 8 to 10 hours from start to finish. You will be back in your bed that night enjoying a sound sleep Bed Bug FREE! Traditional pesticide treatments can end up costing twice as much with less effectiveness!