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Our licensed expert service technicians inspect your home to determine what insects may be bugging you and customize a service program using IPM “Integrated Pest Management” and industry best standards and practices to solve your problems once and for all Guaranteed! Our uniformed Technicians are on time, Courteous and knowledgeable and take great care to respect your property and belongings.

Whether you need residential pest control or termite services we offer the best guarantees in the business. Period!

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We Have The Best System In The Industry To Eliminate Bed Bugs!

Killing bedbugs with heat is one of the most effective new methods on the market today. At Keller’s we are armed with industrial-grade heaters and fans that blast hot air into your home or place of business, getting the temperature inside to around 140 degrees and holding it there for a few hours. A typical bedbug will croak once its insides reach about 115 degrees, a temperature that is still safe for much of the stuff in your home or business. And while this process is more effective than the most potent pesticides, the heat method won’t leave behind a toxic residue.

Heat treatments are ideal for home and office applications. Because they do not rely on the use of any harmful chemicals, heat treatments are safe in homes even where children, pets, and chemical-sensitive occupants reside.

Heat treatments are also very quick, allowing families to safely and confidently return to their homes within hours of the treatment.